Main Course

  • Kleftiko(GF)
    Slow cooked lamb with carrots, potatoes, olives, onion, garlic and cheese£15.95
  • Stifado(GF)
    Slow cooked beef with shallots, garlic, tomato sauce served with Zorbas rice£14.95
  • Moussaka
    Layers of aubergine, minced beef, potatoes topped with home made tomato sauce and home made béchamel sauce baked in the oven£12.95
  • Pollo Piccante(GF)
    Chicken breast marinated with chillies, ginger, mix peppers, home made tomato sauce served with Zorbas rice or Home made chips.£14.95
  • Pollo Crema (GF)
    Chicken breast, mushroom, cheese, cream, white wine served with Zorbas rice or home made chips£13.95


  • Chicken souvlaki
    Marinated chicken pieces and vegetables skewer£12.95
    Marinated chicken on bonnes served with salad, homemade chips and lemon and oil sauce£12.95
  • Kondra filleto
    9 oz chargrilled Sirloin Steak served with grilled tomato , home made chips and a choice of peppercorn or diane sauce.£19.95
  • Paidakia
    Chargrilled marinated lamb chops and ribs£15.95
  • Lamb Souvlaki
    Marinated lamb fillet pieces and vegetable skewer£ 14.95
  • Hallooumi Souvlaki (V)
    Chargrilled halloumi cheese and vegetables skewer£12.95


  • Baklava
    Traditional dessert home made with pastry and walnuts served with ice cream£5.50
  • Strawberry cheesecake
    Served in a martini glass£5.50
  • Orange pie
    Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce£5.50
  • Chocolate Glory
    Three scoops of vanilla ice cream, chunks of chocolate fudge cake and chocolate sauce£5.50
  • Chocolate fudge cake
    served warm, with vanilla ice cream or cream£5.50
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